the man himself

I’m Fred and I’m bonkers about fish. Always have been. I grew up on the stuff and I’ve been mad on fishing since… forever. These days, when I’m not at work, you’ll generally find me riverside, rod in hand, doing guess what? I wish I was joking (as does my wife).


And the fact fish is so healthy is just a bonus. The NHS recommends eating two portions a week, but I recommend going way beyond that. I would say that wouldn’t I?


The thing I’m not so crazy about is seafood’s image. People think it’s this fancy-shmancy thing. Well, I’ve been in the business 30 years and let me tell you: it’s so much better than that. Fish can be bold, brash, gutsy, spicy – anything you want. And it’s far too good to save for special.


That’s my main message, really. I want everyone to be able to enjoy properly delicious fish every week. And I want to spread the word about how easy it can be to turn out cracking seafood dishes at home. I’m even learning how to use Instagram to get the word out. My kids think it’s hilarious.

fishing the right way

So I’m on this mission to get everyone eating more fish, but it’s not at any cost. One thing I’ll always stand firm on is sourcing. As a young man I sold lobsters to posh restaurants for a living, and for me there’s no reason I can’t apply the same standards to more everyday fish like bass and bream. That’s why I travel so much these days, to meet up with our suppliers and make sure we’re getting the really good stuff. You have to do that in person. 

And that’s why I and the team here work so closely with the ASC.  They’re the people who make sure fish is responsibly sourced, which is a non-negotiable in my book. Well, what’s the point of top quality gear if it’s ethically dodgy or bad for the environment? I love my fish but that’s not a price worth paying. 

my mission

We have this line at Fish Said Fred: “everyday fish that’ll make your week”. That’s what we’re aiming for. We want to change seafood’s image from this, well… hoity-toity food, all elegance and subtlety, to a brilliant weekday staple. We want to help people be a little bit healthier, but most importantly, we want to put smiles on faces.


That means decent portion sizes, honest prices, top quality and, of course, responsible sourcing. It means sharing simple, gutsy, everyday recipes – stuff that you actually want to cook. And it means putting every one of my 30 years’ experience in the fish business to good use every single day. 


If I can help you be even a quarter as bonkers about fish as I am, an eighth even, I’ll be a very happy man. 



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damn simple

Fish is one of the quickest and easiest things to cook. A flash in the pan and that’s dinner done. Or if you want to push the boat out it’s amazing in curries, stir-fries, stews – you name it. Check out our recipes here.

damn healthy

High in protein, low in fat: not a bad combination on its own. But add to that all the vitamins and minerals  – and the omega 3 you get in oily ones like salmon – and you have a pretty strong case for eating fish two or three times a week.

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damn tasty

I like a subtle, elegant fish dish, don’t get me wrong. Some steamed bass with ginger and soy is a dream. But why stop there? Fish can be bold, brash, spicy – the sky’s the limit. And, like I always say, the good stuff is far too tasty to save for special.