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The Fish Said Fred Family

It’s my name above the door, but the reality is that Fish Said Fred is a bunch of brilliant, likeminded people. Not only do we have a big team of proper fish obsessives here at FSF HQ but we work closely with our amazing producers to make sure all our fish is responsibly sourced and top quality. This is confirmed by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (the ASC to you and me). We are the first ASC approved chilled bass and bream on the market!


Fish can be as fresh and as tasty as you like, but if it’s not been responsibly sourced, I’m not interested. The social and environmental costs are just too great. That’s why me and my sustainability manager, Ruth Hoban, work so closely with the ASC. They make sure every pack of fish with my name on it has been sourced responsibly. That way we can all keep on enjoying a nice bit of bass or bream for years to come. 


They can explain what they do a lot better than I can, so it’s over to them…


“Responsible sourcing is vitally important for everyone at Fish Said Fred. Myself and Fred are committed to sourcing fish farms working towards environmental and social responsibility in aquaculture” 

Ruth Hoban, Fred’s Sustainability Manager

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